The Only Certified Company in Portugal

Founded in 2008, DEATHCLEAN is the only company based in Portugal certified to clean Crime & Trauma Scenes (blood and bodily fluids), Hoarding Situations and other Biohazardous Scenarios (animal waste, water & mold, infection control & disinfection, odor removal and other contaminants), according with the European environment laws. We provide our specialized services for the cleaning and disinfection of contaminated places that are potencially hazardous to your health. As leaders in the biohazard remediation, DEATHCLEAN provides experienced, specialized and caring trauma recovery services for families in difficult situations. We are here for you.


Our Emergency Help Line is available 24/7. Multilingual staff members at our Emergency Assistance Center provide 24-hour assistance. We're here to help.


Our team is highly specialized, certified and licensed, with years of experience. Our techniques are the most efficient and the products we use are non toxic and eco-friendly.


We are the only company in Portugal certified by the American Bio-Recovery Association - ABRA & Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification - IICRC.

Biohazard Cleanup Services

DEATHCLEAN know what you’re going through, which is why we act with care and compassion in your time of need. We provide crime scene cleanup, professional biohazard and disinfecting services to families, employers, and communities across all the country.


Sewage cleanup, flooding or pipe bursts

Our company are equipped with the latest equipment and techniques to remove the water and dry the affected areas, acting quickly to minimize the damage.



We are experts on how to remove all kinds of odors and smells, from animal urine, decomposition, gross filth and other odors.


Rat Droppings AND URINE

Rodents droppings contain highly dangerous bacteria and viruses that are potentially fatal to humans. Our company will remove all rodent waste with a thorough deep desinfection.

Dealing with the challenges of an Emergency Cleaning Situation? We're here to help!

What our clients say (Testimonials)

People put their trust in us. Facebook reviews
Evelina Grines

Evelina Grines

(in facebook)

Losing a parent is hard, but it's obvious that DeathClean understands that, empathizes and does everything in their power to ensure this part of the process it is as easy and stress free as it can be. My brother and I were skeptical at first but were soon so impressed with how they handled everything around our father's passing- if we could give them more than 5 stars, we would. They were available any time of day and went above and beyond to help us quickly, thoroughly and kindly. They were extremely professional and communicative, and we felt confident we were in great hands with them. THANK YOU FOR THE WORK THAT YOU DO!!

Rosa Araújo

Rosa Araújo

(in facebook)

Dou os parabéns a esta excelente equipa, bons profissionais, eficazes e muito humanos. Confesso que não tinha coragem para ter a vossa profissão e por isso mesmo mais parabéns vos dou a todos, Obrigado por existirem.

João Pereira

João Pereira

(in facebook)

A DeathClean foi encarregue de fazer a limpeza de um local de um óbito de dois idosos em adiantado estado de decomposição numa habitação propriedade da avó da minha mulher. O trabalho foi feito de forma irrepreensível. Como se não bastasse, durantes as operações, complexas de limpeza (incluíram remoção de soalhos em madeira), encontraram uma quantia considerável em dinheiro escondido e tiveram a honestidade de o entregar à família. Para além de excelentes profissionais também são extremamente honestos!

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